Youghal Catholic Parish

Youghal Catholic Parish


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Welcome to the Parish of Youghal. 


We hope that you will like what you find in this website and that it will be of some help to you. Our vision of the website is that it would help people to stay in contact with the parish and keep parishioners up to date with the various events in the parish. 

Youghal is a beautiful town with deep historical roots. What makes Youghal special are the people. With a long tradition of welcoming visitors, Youghal is a place of hospitality. 

May God bless you today and grant you His Peace. 

Thank you for visiting. 


The Gospel of Life 2018 Parish Lenten programme -  explores our understanding of the Gospel call to love. The call to welcome refugees and migrants, taking care of our common home and the right to life of the unborn are explored. This is a 4 week programme developed by the Council of Catecheticts of the Irish Bishops Conference. We encourage everyone to participate in this exciting initiative from the PPC. There are 2 sessions, morning or evening held over 4 weeks in the Parish Office. Wednesday mornings starting Feb 28th, 10.30am tea/coffee and an 11.00am start and Thursday, March 1st at 7.30 pm. Each session last 90 minutes. We look forward to seeing you all.


Lent is What You Do  ————-  What will you do?

It is the forty days of preparation for the celebration of Christ’s saving death and resurrection at Easter. It is a time of purification when Christians renew and fulfil their baptismal promises, by dying to selfishness and living for Christ. We do this by being committed to Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving during Lent.


Make a Lenten Commitment

A Lenten Commitment may mean taking on one of the following:

· Make a personal pledge to pray each day.  Make a space in your home for prayer: spend time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament

· Fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and the six Fridays of lent from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (liquids only) in so far as age, health and circumstances permit

· Avail of the opportunity to celebrate daily Mass more frequently

· Support the Trócaire Campaign

· Pray the Stations of the Cross each week

· Make Friday a special day to pray for sick and protection of the unborn.

· Take part in the Lenten Prayer every Sunday of Lent at 5.30 pm

 On the Friday’s of Lent, there will be the opportunity to receive Holy

Communion under both kinds, i.e. the Sacred Host and the Precious Blood at 10 am Mass.

· Give up alcohol for Lent, take the Temperance Pledge for Lent:

Visit the sick: help someone in need