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Welcome to the Parish of Youghal. 


We hope that you will like what you find in this website and that it will be of some help to you. Our vision of the website is that it would help people to stay in contact with the parish and keep parishioners up to date with the various events in the parish. 

Youghal is a beautiful town with deep historical roots. What makes Youghal special are the people. With a long tradition of welcoming visitors, Youghal is a place of hospitality. 

May God bless you today and grant you His Peace. 

Thank you for visiting. 


25th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church of the Holy Family

17th May - Mass and Period of Adoration at 7.30pm in Holy Family Church – the date of the Dedication.  Fr. Dan Goold who was present in the Parish when the Church was built will speak at the Mass. Refreshments afterwards in the Hall.


20th May: Diocesan Celebration launching the World Meeting of Families: 7.30pm Mass – Holy Family Church. Bishop Crean presides and commissions the Ambassador Families for the Diocese.

Refreshments afterwards in the Hall.


26th May: Parish Celebration with Bishop Crean:

7.30pm Mass - Holy Family Church:

Signing of the Parish Pastoral Council Constitution:

Refreshments afterwards in the Hall.


28th May: 11am Mass - Sunday Celebration – Family day,

Refreshments, barbecue and entertainment afterwards in the Grounds.


Special invite to those who celebrated Sacraments for in 1992 and in this year in the Holy Family Church – Eucharist, Confession and Confirmation, Marriage.


Priests/ Sisters/ Brothers:  Native to Youghal who are in the Priesthood or Religious life may wish to join any of the celebrations for 25th.


Photos:  Anyone who has photos of the opening of the Holy Family and would be willing to display them and anyone who would help to organise a display of photos, please contact Fr. Winkle or Parish Office.


Helped needed for making of sandwiches on the afternoon of Friday 26th May for the parish Celebrations, and for caterings at the other events. Contact Parish Office.


Donations/ sponsors are welcome: contact Fr. Herlihy via Parish Office.

People, who may wish to get involved in any way, stewarding: helping with refreshments / sandwiches / preparations: please forward their names to Parish Office.


All are invited and encouraged to participate


Please note that there will be no 12noon Mass on the 28th May due to the Parish Celebration in the Holy Family Church.




In many Countries throughout the world, there are various images, Icons of Our Lady. To mark the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Holy Family Church a special area in the Holy Family Church will be available for anyone from other countries who are living in Youghal and would like to place a statue, Icon of Our Lady in the Church for the celebrations, contact Fr. Winkle or leave your name in Parish Office.  Our Lady of Youghal Statute in the Holy Family Church will be available for prayer.


Our Lady of Graces / Our Lady of Youghal is a three-inch ivory plaque that depicts the seated Madonna and Christ child.  It is in St. Mary’s Dominican Church Cork. In 1304, this image was brought from the continent to Ireland by Maurice O’Carroll, a Dominican archbishop of Cashel. When he died in 1316, he was laid to rest in the Dominican church in Youghal, and the image was interred with him. A century later, the image was removed from the tomb and soon became an object of great veneration. During the reign of Elizabeth I the Church was destroyed and the image came into the possession of Honoria Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald. It was she who had it enclosed in the silver reliquary where it still lies. When the Dominicans left Youghal towards the end of the 18th century, the image was brought to Cork.


Prayer to Our Lady of Graces:

O Mary of Graces and mother of Christ, O may you direct me and guide me a right. O may you protect me from Satan’s control, and may you protect me in body and soul.  O may you protect me by land and by sea, and may you protect me from sorrows to be; a strong guard of angels above me provide; May God be before me and God at my side. (Three Hail Mary’s and the Memorare)