Youghal Catholic Parish

Youghal Catholic Parish


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Welcome to the Parish of Youghal. 


We hope that you will like what you find in this website and that it will be of some help to you. Our vision of the website is that it would help people to stay in contact with the parish and keep parishioners up to date with the various events in the parish. 

Youghal is a beautiful town with deep historical roots. What makes Youghal special are the people. With a long tradition of welcoming visitors, Youghal is a place of hospitality. 

May God bless you today and grant you His Peace. 

Thank you for visiting. 


Celebrating God Forgiveness and Being Reconciled with God


“What Jesus did was not only change things from ugly to beautiful, from wicked to good: Jesus made a transformation. It’s not a problem of making something beautiful, it’s not a problem of cosmetics, of make-up: He changed everything from the inside! He made a change that was a re-creation: God had created the world; man fell into sin; Jesus came to re-create the world. And this is the message, the message of the Gospel that we can clearly see: before healing that man, He forgave his sins. Go that way, to a re-creation.


We are all sinners, but look to the root of your sin, and that the Lord goes there and re-creates it; and that bitter root will flourish, flourish with works of justice; and you will be a new man, a new woman. But if we [say]: ‘Yes, yes, I have some sins; I go, I confess myself… two little words, and then I go on as before,” I don’t allow myself to be re-created by the Lord. Only two coats of paint, and we believe that with this the story’s over. No! Naming my sins, with name and surname: I’ve done this, and this, and this, and I am ashamed at heart. And I open my heart: ‘Lord, the only thing I have. Re-create me! Re-create me! And so we have the courage of going with true faith – as we asked – towards Christmas.’” Pope Francis 5/12/16


Parish Penitential Service -  Thursday 22nd of December at 7.30pm

a number of priests will be available on the night.



Saturday     17th 10.30am – 12 noon       St. Mary’s Church

Saturday     17th: After 6.30pm Mass    Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Saturday     17th: After 7.30pm Mass    Holy Family Church

Wednesday 22nd:  10.30—11.00am.      Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Thursday     22nd: 10.30—11.00am.       Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Friday        23rd: 10.30—11.00am.         Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Saturday    24th:   12noon –1.30pm         St. Mary’s Church



CHRISTMAS VIGIL   Saturday 24th

7.30p.m.           Our Lady of Lourdes Church     7.30p.m.   Holy Family Church

7.30p.m.           St. Mary’s Church    NIGHT MASS  10.30p.m.            St. Mary’s Church


CHRISTMAS DAY      Sunday 25th

9.00am             St. Mary’s Church                     9.30a.m.       St. Ita’s Church

10.00am            Our Lady of Lourdes Church     11.00am.      Holy Family Church

12 noon             St. Mary’s Church