Youghal Catholic Parish

Youghal Catholic Parish


Our Lady of GracesOur Lady of Youghal

Welcome to the Parish of Youghal. 


We hope that you will like what you find in this website and that it will be of some help to you. Our vision of the website is that it would help people to stay in contact with the parish and keep parishioners up to date with the various events in the parish. 

Youghal is a beautiful town with deep historical roots. What makes Youghal special are the people. With a long tradition of welcoming visitors, Youghal is a place of hospitality. 

May God bless you today and grant you His Peace. 

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The Parish of Youghal

 9th September 2018

         Twenty Third Sunday in ordinary time   Year B



Reflection of Bishop William Crean

on the visit of Pope Francis


It was wonderful to have Pope Francis among us.  By his presence we were put in touch with a man of exceptional faith, courage and humility.  We witnessed his sense of joy and celebration with the “family of families” that is the Church.


On the other hand, we witnessed also his contrition and sorrow for the survivors of abuse.  He showed his openness to further practical actions that will ensure accountability for failure of those in leadership.


Though his visit was brief in terms of time it was deep in terms of impact.  He left us with a renewed sense of the blessings of our Christian faith while knowing the continuing need for repentance and renewal.


We continue to keep him and his ministry to the world in our prayer.


Words of Pope Francis in Knock – 26th August 2018

Mary our Mother knows the joys and struggles felt in each home. Holding them in her Immaculate Heart, she brings them with love to the throne of her Son. Mary is Mother. Mary is our Mother and the Mother of the Church. May Our Lady look with mercy on all the suffering members of her Son’s family.”




God, our Father, we are brothers and sisters in Jesus your Son,

one family, in the Spirit of your love. Bless us with the joy of love. Make us patient and kind, gentle and generous, welcoming to those in need. Help us to live your forgiveness and peace.  Protect all families with your loving care,

especially those for whom we now pray:

[We pause and remember family members and others by name].

Increase our faith, strengthen our hope, keep us safe in your love,

make us always grateful for the gift of life that we share.

This we ask, through Christ our Lord,

Mary, mother and guide, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, father and protector, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, pray for us