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Week Beginning Sunday September 9th

Twenty Third Week of in Ordinary Time


World Meeting of Families

The Gospel of the Family      

Joy for the World


Reflection of Bishop William Crean

on the visit of Pope Francis


It was wonderful to have Pope Francis among us.  By his presence we were put in touch with a man of exceptional faith, courage and humility.  We witnessed his sense of joy and celebration with the “family of families” that is the Church.


On the other hand, we witnessed also his contrition and sorrow for the survivors of abuse.  He showed his openness to further practical actions that will ensure accountability for failure of those in leadership.


Though his visit was brief in terms of time it was deep in terms of impact.  He left us with a renewed sense of the blessings of our Christian faith while knowing the continuing need for repentance and renewal.


We continue to keep him and his ministry to the world in our prayer.


Words of Pope Francis in Knock – 26th August 2018

Mary our Mother knows the joys and struggles felt in each home. Holding them in her Immaculate Heart, she brings them with love to the throne of her Son. Mary is Mother. Mary is our Mother and the Mother of the Church. May Our Lady look with mercy on all the suffering members of her Son’s family.”





God, our Father, we are brothers and sisters in Jesus your Son,

one family, in the Spirit of your love. Bless us with the joy of love. Make us patient and kind, gentle and generous, welcoming to those in need. Help us to live your forgiveness and peace.  Protect all families with your loving care,

especially those for whom we now pray:

[We pause and remember family members and others by name].

Increase our faith, strengthen our hope, keep us safe in your love,

make us always grateful for the gift of life that we share.

This we ask, through Christ our Lord,

Mary, mother and guide, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, father and protector, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, pray for us




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Parish Office   024-91717: 3Emmett Place, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9- 1pm:  

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Priests of the Parish

V. Rev. Canon David Herlihy P.P.       2 Emmet Place  85012  / 0872784633

Rev. Pat Corkery C.C.                         1 Emmet Place  92336 / 0879601558

Rev. Patrick Winkle C.C.                     Upper Strand    92270

Rev. Brendan Mallon                                Magners Hill      92456

V. Rev Canon Tom Browne P.E.         Priest in residence


Vigil Mass:                           SUNDAY MASSES

6.30p.m. Our Lady of Lourdes Church, The Strand,   

7.30p.m. Holy Family Church,  Magners Hill  Broadcast on local Radio104fm


Sunday Morning

9.00a.m.                St. Mary’s Church, Ashe St.

9.30a.m.                St. Ita’s, Gortroe

10.a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes Church, The Strand

11.a.m. Holy Family Church, Magners Hill

12 noon                 St. Mary’s Church, Ashe St.


Weekday Masses:   

Monday to Friday:   8.a.m.- St. Mary’s Church:

                                    10am Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Wednesdays             7.30pm Holy Family Church: (Sept to May only)

Saturday                   10am St. Mary’s Church



Saturday: After 10am Mass After the Vigil Masses

Thursday before the First Friday after 10am Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes


Baptism  Contact the Parish Secretary for a booking form and dates.   


Marriage: Three months’ notice required by both Church and State. Contact one of  the priests for pre-marriage preparations.


Funerals    Funeral Masses  12 Noon.  


Adoration Chapel: Emmet Place. Open at the following times:


                          Monday to Friday 6am to 11pm

                          Saturday 6am to 5pm

                          Sunday 1pm to 11pm


Sick    If a person is sick at home or house bound and would like a visit from a priest    

            contact one of the priests or the Parish Secretary.


Please pray for those who have died - May they rest in peace

For all who died recently: For Helen Sellars, Leonard O’Hanlon & Zina Moloney whose first anniversaries occur at this time.


St. Vincent de Paul Society:  Anyone who needs a little help phone: 087 127 3448


Coeliac and Holy Communion: A separate Chalice for those who cannot receive a Host will be available at the Sanctuary once Holy Communion with the Host has been finished


Wish to become a Catholic:  Anybody who wishes to become a Catholic contact one of the Priests. A programme of prayer and reflection will accompany you in your discernment.


St. Vincent de Paul Society: Thanks to all who supported the Annual Collection

last weekend.  Anybody looking for help phone - 087 127 3448


Mass in Polish on 1st & 3rd Sunday of Month in the Holy Family Church 12.30pm


Eucharistic Adoration: Needed some people to cover the following hours in the

Adoration Chapel: Tuesday   6-7.00 pm & Friday    4-5.00 pm

Contact Una on 087 996 1004, if you can commit to one of these hours long term or short term.  If people are away for some reason please get someone to fill in for you.

Coffee Morning in support of Youghal Community Hospital/Hospice.   

Annual Coffee Day at Youghal Tourist Office/Heritage Centre Thursday 20th September  from 10am to 2pm & The Red Store  Friday September 21st from 10 am to 12 noon

Bark for Arc fun dog walk 4km this Sunday 9th September at 2 pm

Registration from 12 noon in Greenpark opposite the Walter Raleigh Hotel

€10 per person – Walk with or without a dog – All welcome

Each dog receives a free bandana & a gift bag from Maxi Zoo

All proceeds go towards our local cancer support house at 29 Friar Street, Youghal


Invite All Catholic Youth (18-30 Years) to the work youth congress in FATIMA at

Domus Pacis October 15th - 19th 2018 (In preparation for the World Youth Day in

Panama in 2019) For more information or to book please phone Joe 087 6401750        

Email or Eileen at 087 6846908 Email


14th September – Feast of the Triumph of the Cross

This feast traces its beginning to Jerusalem and the dedication of the church built on the site of Mount Calvary in 335. But the meaning of the cross is deeper than any city, any celebration, any building. The cross is a sign of suffering, a sign of human cruelty at its worst. But by Christ’s love shown in the Paschal Mystery, it has become the sign of triumph and victory, the sign of God, who is love itself.


To follow Christ we must take up His cross, follow Him and become obedient until death, even if it means death on the cross. We identify with Christ on the Cross and become co-redeemers, sharing in His cross.


We made the Sign of the Cross before prayer which helps to fix our minds and hearts to God. After prayer we make the Sign of the Cross to keep close to God. During trials and temptations our strength and protection is the Sign of the Cross. At Baptism we are sealed with the Sign of the Cross, signifying the fullness of redemption and that we belong to Christ. Let us look to the cross frequently, and realize that when we make the Sign of the Cross we give our entire self to God — mind, soul, heart, body, will, thoughts.


15th September – Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

What the Mother of God did accept was the gift of being able to love God as a mother loves her only beloved Son. But this would mean, as it does for all mothers, a sacrifice- such love would engender pain. To give God his flesh from her flesh would mean that God would make his way into our world as vulnerable as we are. His joy would be her joy. But his suffering would be her suffering as well. She could not protect him from the suffering and death that would be his mission.


This is essentially the meaning of the presentation of the Mother of God as Our Lady of Sorrows. It is a dramatic display to us of the full implications of the Incarnation for the woman who loved him most in all the world.   


We make a mistake if we think that because Mary is the Mother of God that this somehow meant that she escaped the more painful experiences of life. In fact, it is better to think that because of the depth of her relationship with Christ, the sad facts of life were enhanced for her rather than dulled. She experienced life knowing the full cost of humanity’s refusal to love, and saw for herself the terrible cost in the manner that her beloved Son suffered and died. 


Pope Francis reflection on his visit to Ireland

Wednesday 29th August 2018


Dear brothers and sisters: This past weekend I travelled to Ireland for the Ninth World Meeting of Families, whose theme was The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World. Husbands, wives and children from throughout the world came together to witness to God’s loving plan for marriage and family life. I was moved by the testimonies of faith, love, reconciliation and solidarity given by families living in vastly different situations. In my address to the authorities, I spoke of the need to support families in their essential role in society, while in my meetings in the Cathedral and at the great Vigil in Phoenix Park, I stressed the importance of cultivating God’s gift of love and passing on the faith, as it were, “around the family table” in the daily dialogue of grandparents, parents and children. At Knock Shrine, I commended all families to Our Lady and offered a warm greeting to the people of Northern Ireland. Sadly, the joy of my Visit was clouded by the recognition of the suffering caused by the abuse of minors and young people by some members of the Church. I begged forgiveness for these crimes and encouraged the efforts made to ensure that they are not repeated. As we look forward to the next World Meeting of Families, to be held in Rome in 2021, let us pray that families everywhere will grow in faith, love and missionary zeal, and truly became, as they are meant to be, “joy for the world”.


Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Ephphatha

In today’s Gospel Jesus heals a man who was deaf and who had a speech impediment, unable to hear or speak God’s word of truth. Jesus says “Ephphatha” which means BE OPENED. Immediately this man was healed. During this Season of Creation we are all urged to listen to the cry of the earth. Scientists are now telling us that unless drastic action is taken we will lose the battle against the environmental destruction which this world is faced with. The worldwide heatwave and drought which we experienced this summer is one example of how our planet is under pressure. Yet change is possible. All it takes is one good person to restore hope. As followers of Christ we have a duty to lead the way in caring for God’s beautiful creation. What prevents us from hearing these messages? We can be cynical and say that the issue is too big, that it is up to governments to sort out. Ephphatha! We start where we are and do what we can. This week can you encourage your family to make small changes in the home such as ensuring all waste is correctly recycled, composting, encouraging one another to use public transport or walk/cycle when possible? A very simple action is to reduce the use of 3 plastic by buying a reusable water bottle or coffee cup which removes so much waste from landfill and sends a powerful message. We begin with the small actions and encourage others to do the same. “Ephphatha”, let us all be open to this call to care for our common home. [You can find out more at