Youghal Catholic Parish

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

What a great privilege it is for us to be able to bring the Body and Blood of Christ to our brothers and sisters both in the church setting and to those who are unable to attend.  With this privilege we a charged with the utmost duty of respect, devotion and dedication of not only the service, but of what we are receiving and bringing to others.


When the Church celebrates the memorial of the Lord it affirms by the very rite itself its faith in Christ and its adoration of Him, Christ present in the sacrifice and given as food to those who share the Eucharistic table.  For this reason it is a mattr of great concern to the Church that the Eucharist be celebrated and shared with the greatest dignity and fruitfulness...

The Church’s prescriptions and the evidence of the Fathers make it abundantly clear that the greatest reverence was shown the Blessed Sacrament, and that people acted with the greatest prudence.  Thus, “let nobody... eat that flesh without first adoring it.” As a person takes the Blessed Sacrament he is warned: “...receive it: be careful lest you lose any of it.” “For it is the Body of Christ.” (Memoriale Domini 1969—Instruction on the Manner of Distributing Holy Communion.)


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Holy Family Church


St. Mary’s Parish Church


Our Lady of Lourdes Church 6.30pm Saturday Vigil & 10am Sunday


Our Lady of Lourdes Church—Weekdays


St. Ita’s Gortroe


St. Mary’s Parish Church Saturday 10am